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Indian Students Can Even Work in UK After Studies: UK minister

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NEW DELHI: Indians are welcome to study and function in Excellent Britain, suggests UK’s Minister for Science and Universities Jo Johnson even as Europe grapples with issues on migrants.

In an exclusive interview throughout a go to to India to announce the ‘UK-India Yr of Education and learning, Research and Innovation for 2016’, Johnson states that heading to research in the United kingdom is brain obtain and not brain drain.            

Excerpts of the interview: 

Q) Is the Indo-British isles schooling scene revving up?           

The crème-de la-crème of British universities are here in India with me to showcase that if you want to review in increased schooling, then British isles is the area. There is no spot in planet the place you can do higher training far better than in the British isles. If you want to acquire the expertise to contend in the international economic system, British universities are prepared and want to help.             

Q) But 1 hears so considerably about visa concerns and denials to Indian learners?      

A) There is no limit on the variety of Indian learners we will give a heat welcome to. Each and every year we want much more Indian college students to come and examine in the Uk. We want them to continue to be on soon after they finish learning. To remain on and discover graduate work, this is now permitted beneath our technique. I want to make it quite-extremely distinct that Indian learners are warmly welcome to British isles.       

Q) How closely aligned are the training methods of the nations?          

A) We are doing work closely with the Indian federal government to make certain that our methods of larger education, our universities and our researchers can collaborate to mutual advantage.   

Q) What is the state of cooperation on science between India and British isles?     

A) We see a enormous prospective for undertaking science among Britain and India and I am shocked at the limitless chance for collaboration that exists. In the earlier six years, we have seen the value of our scientific investigation collaboration go from just a single million pounds in 2008 to 200 million lbs . these days. We want to see that rate of expansion proceed. Therefore, the universities in Britain are searching for to work with Indian universities to accelerate the quantity of collaborations.         

Q) Any highlights from the Indo-British isles S&T collaboration.          

A) This week the Newton Program got a new fillip this is our 50 million pound cooperation platform for science collaboration with India. General, the Newton System will now operate right up until 2021. The India component for that the Newton-Bhabha plan which has a worth of 50 million kilos has been a enormous success. The flagship of our science collaboration will provide with each other our experts. ISIS, the world’s major centre for research in the physical and existence sciences at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford in the United Kingdom, is collaborating with the Bhabha Atomic Analysis Centre in Mumbai and that is an interesting partnership and a prolonged-standing collaboration. Here ISIS’s suite of neutron and muon instruments give distinctive insights into the properties of resources on the atomic scale.            

The renewed Newton system will also be ready to address problems like the Ganga clean up based mostly on the emblematic encounter of the Thames thoroughly clean up. Uk is also an specialist in the region of air air pollution and the two nations can collaborate on that as effectively. We can handle the most pressing challenges of India by means of collaborative S&T perform.  

When the United kingdom and India collaborate, there is pressure multiplier, which is quite-extremely strong. The pressure multiplier with India is considerably more robust than with numerous other nations. We get considerably better effect and valued research papers when British and Indian researchers co-function.      

Q) What about the inter-university collaboration?        

A) Indian President Pranab Mukherjee has lately focussed his purpose of escalating the quantity of universities in the leading of the world-wide rankings of universities. In the direction of that, collaboration and impact of research tends to make an essential part of the rankings measurement process. Far more collaboration with British scientists will assist go India’s university rankings larger in the guide tables and meet Mukherjee’s goals.    

Q) You yourself just lately explained ‘teaching in British isles is ‘lamentable’, so why must Indian pupils go to Britain to institutions you oneself described as ‘lamentable’?           

A) No, No. British isles establishments are globe class, we have 4 universities in the leading ten 38 in the prime hundred. That our program is planet course is demonstrated by the reality that we have hundreds of countless numbers of college students who arrive from around the entire world to study in United kingdom and we have the greatest satisfaction charges of any education technique in the globe.         

Q) Britain is quite expensive for Indian students to go to, there are other areas that are less costly and excellent benefit for income?    

A) There is no greater system in the planet than the Uk education and learning program that offers far better benefit for income. It is a terrific expense and people leave extremely satisfied. 

Q) A lot people come to feel that British colonial rule killed the innovation likely of India?       

A) I think India is an incredibly progressive modern society and economic climate. The technological options which India has devised to all manner of issues are impressive. When you consider of countries who have contributed to our World wide web age, one particular would stage 1st of all to India.

The New Indian Express – Best News – http://www.newindianexpress.com/prime_news/

Inspiration for ‘Contact’ even now listening

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(CNN) — From a remote valley in Northern California, Jill Tarter is listening to the universe.

Jill Tarter at the Allen Telescope Array in California, which monitors radio alerts for signs of alien existence.

Her ears are 42 big and refined radio telescopes, distribute across many acres, that scan the cosmos for signals of extraterrestrial origin. If intelligent lifestyle varieties do exist on other planets, and they try to speak to us, Tarter will be between the 1st to know.

Are we citizens of Earth by itself in the universe? It’s a query that has extended fascinated astronomers, sci-fi authors, children with yard telescopes and Hollywood executives who churn out spectacles about alien encounters. Polls have discovered that most Americans believe that some type of daily life exists past our earth.

“It truly is a essential issue,” mentioned Tarter, the true-existence inspiration for Jodie Foster’s character in the 1997 movie “Make contact with.” “And it is a issue that the person on the road can understand. It’s not like a … tremendous-collider or some look for for neutrinos buried in the ice. It is, ‘Are we by yourself? How may possibly we locate out? What does that explain to us about ourselves and our spot in the universe?’

“We are striving to figure out how the universe commenced, how galaxies and large-scale constructions formed, and where did the origins of daily life as we know it consider spot?” Tarter stated.

“These are all legitimate inquiries to inquire of the universe. And an similarly legitimate concern is regardless of whether the identical thing that happened below [on Earth] has transpired in other places.” VideoView a preview of CNN’s “In Search of Aliens” collection »

Many thanks to advancements in technological innovation, experts hope to get an answer faster fairly than afterwards. Rovers have snapped photographs of the floor of Mars that show fossil-like shapes. NASA hopes to launch in a decade a Terrestrial Earth Finder, an orbiting observatory that would detect planets around nearby stars and decide no matter whether they could support daily life.

“In Research of Aliens”

Look at Miles O’Brien’s 5-component sequence on aliens and UFOs, each and every working day this week on CNN’s “American Early morning”
6 to nine a.m. ET

This sort of developments are catnip to scientists like Geoffrey Marcy, a professor of astronomy at the College of California-Berkeley who has discovered more extrasolar planets than any individual else.

“It was not much more than 13 several years back that we hadn’t identified any planets all around the stars, and most men and women believed that we by no means would. So here we are not only having discovered planets, we are hunting for habitable planets, indicators of biology on those planets,” Marcy advised CNN. “It is an amazing explosion of a field of science that failed to even exist just a few years back.”

Then you will find Tarter, whose quest for signs of extraterrestrial life kept her on the fringes of mainstream science for many years. While pursuing her doctorate at UC-Berkeley, Tarter arrived throughout an engineering report that floated the concept of utilizing radio telescopes to pay attention for broadcasts by alien beings.

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It grew to become her life’s work. In 1984 Tarter established the Lookup for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) in California. Utilizing telescopes in Australia, West Virginia and Puerto Rico, she executed a 10 years-prolonged scouring of about 750 nearby star techniques for extraterrestrial radio indicators.

None was found, although Tarter had some false alarms. In 1998, she intercepted a mysterious sign that lasted for several hours. Tarter received so fired up she misread her own computer final results: The sign was coming from a NASA observatory spacecraft orbiting the sunshine.

These days, Tarter listens to the heavens with the Allen Telescope Array, a assortment of 20-foot-broad telescopes some three hundred miles north of San Francisco. The dish-like scopes are a joint effort of SETI and UC-Berkeley’s Radio Astronomy Lab and have been funded mainly by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who donated a lot more than $ 25 million to the venture.

Not like beforehand current radio telescopes, which scan the sky for minimal intervals of time, the Allen Telescope Array probes the universe round the clock.

Every of the 42 scopes is aimed at a various area of the sky, gathering reams of info that are constantly analyzed by pcs for strange designs. Then the listeners have to filter out sounds from airplanes and satellites.

“We’re listening for anything that we do not think can be developed by Mom Nature,” Tarter mentioned. “We’re utilizing the radio frequency, other individuals are employing optical telescopes … and in equally situations we are looking for an artificial nature to a sign.

“In the situation of radio, we’re looking for a good deal of electricity getting squished into just one channel on the radio dial. In the optical, they’re hunting for very vivid flashes that final a nanosecond … or much less, not gradual pulsing types of factors. To date we’ve never ever found a natural source that can do that.”

Alerts that any extraterrestrials may well be transmitting for their very own use would be tough to detect, Tarter stated. Astronomers are more probably to learn a radio transmission broadcast deliberately at the Earth, she mentioned.

Astronomers at SETI, even so, are not sending a signal into place in an attempt to connect with aliens.

College of California professor Marcy is skeptical about the existence of clever alien daily life and thinks our galaxy’s large distances would make interaction between Earth and beings on other planets almost extremely hard.

“The nearest neighbor might be midway across our galaxy, fifty,000 light-several years absent. Speaking with them will take a hundred thousand several years for a spherical-journey signal,” he stated.

Nevertheless, Tarter continues to be undaunted. The Allen Telescope Array presently does in ten minutes what once took her researchers ten days. When the project is concluded, it will have 350 telescopes that, blended, can study tens of thousands of star methods.

“We can look in much more locations and a lot more frequencies faster than we ever could. And that will just get far better with time. We’re carrying out anything now we couldn’t do when we started, we could not do five a long time back,” she mentioned.


“Consider of it as a cosmic haystack. There is certainly a needle in there someplace. If you pull out a few straws, are you going to get unhappy because you haven’t discovered the needle yet? No. We haven’t genuinely started to check out.”

CNN correspondent Miles O’Brien contributed to this story.

All About Astronomy • UFOs and Alien Abductions • SETI Institute

CNN.com – Science and Place

Belgium police arrest 16, Paris fugitive even now at large

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By LORNE Prepare dinner and SYLVIE CORBET, Connected Push

BRUSSELS (AP) — Belgian police carried out raids throughout the tense money, detaining 16 individuals as the town remained locked down below substantial inform Monday. In Paris, British Prime Minister David Cameron stated he will request for parliamentary approval for the U.K. to be part of airstrikes in opposition to Islamic State extremists in Syria.

Raids throughout Brussels capped a tense day with hundreds of troops patrolling and authorities looking for one or much more suspected extremists, such as Salah Abdeslam, a fugitive considering that getting named a suspect in the Nov. thirteen Paris assaults.

The Belgian govt chose to hold the capital on the highest state of alert into the start of the workweek soon after what it described as a “severe and imminent” threat, avoiding a return to regular in the town that is also residence to the European Union’s principal establishments.

Federal prosecutor Eric Van Der Sypt said 19 raids have been carried out Sunday in Molenbeek, house to numerous of the Paris attackers, and other boroughs of Brussels, and a few raids ended up carried out in Charleroi. Abdeslam was not amongst those arrested. Van Der Sypt stated no firearms or explosives were located.

Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon informed the RTL community that Abdeslam “must have a lot of assist on our territory. That’s why all these searches getting executed at the second are important.”

Law enforcement fired two photographs at a vehicle that approached them as they searched a snack bar in Molenbeek, Van Der Sypt explained. The vehicle escaped but was stopped afterwards in Brussels, and a wounded man or woman inside of was arrested. It was not instantly recognized if the man or woman was linked to the investigation into the Paris assaults.

Several of the Paris attackers had lived in Brussels, which includes Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the plot’s orchestrator who was killed Wednesday in a standoff with French law enforcement. Police issued a new charm to discover the third attacker who was killed in the assault at the nationwide stadium. They posted a picture of the gentleman on Twitter, asking the general public for info that would assist determine him.

France has intensified its aerial bombing in Syria and Le Drian said the plane carrier Charles de Gaulle, which has been sent to the Mediterranean to aid overcome IS militants in Syria, will be “operational” from Monday and “prepared to act.”

France has extended a point out of emergency, which enables law enforcement raids, searches and property arrest with out permission from a choose, for 3 months. On Saturday, it also extended a ban on demonstrations and other gatherings by means of Nov. 30, when a U.N. climate meeting with far more than one hundred heads of state is scheduled to start off.

The Islamic Condition group has claimed accountability for the attacks in Paris that killed a hundred thirty men and women and wounded hundreds a lot more the suicide bombings in Beirut that killed forty three individuals and wounded much more than 200 and the downing of the Russian jetliner carrying 224 folks in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. All transpired within the earlier month.

Cameron and French President Francois Hollande, conference in Paris, compensated a silent check out to the Bataclan concert location, which noticed the worst of the carnage in Paris.

Britain has been carrying out airstrikes in Iraq, but Cameron has long wished for an expanded mandate to contain targets in Syria. But obtaining dropped a vote when two many years ago, his authorities experienced been reluctant to even suggest a vote until it could be specific it would acquire.


Lori Hinnant in Paris, John-Thor Dahlburg in Brussels and Danica Kirka in London contributed.

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