Agen Sabung Ayam – Could the Premier League lose a Champions League place?

Relive the most memorable moments from Tuesday’s Champions League group stage matches.

The ESPN FC group go over Manchester City’s UCL results and believes they will be judged on where they finish.

The Premier League currently has four Champions League locations, but that is coming beneath threat from Serie A.

A poor season for English clubs in Europe alone will not make a difference — Italian clubs would also have to do well. No other league can overtake the Premier League, although the Bundesliga is also not immune from the threat.

3 leagues get 4 Champions League berths, and La Liga is way out in front and in no danger of losing a place.

Final season, Italy gained five.42 coefficient points on the Premier League — this nevertheless left it 9.881 points behind England (and 8.905 points behind Germany). 

At the commence of this season the points gained in 2010-11 have been removed from the 5-year calculation — only Portugal scored a lot more points than England in this season. That automatically saw Italy, who had a poor season in Europe, claw back six.786 points on England and four.095 points on Germany.

So, going into 2015-16 the points had been as follows:

Germany – 63.749
England – 62.034
Italy – 58.939

As such, both England and Germany are below threat from an superb season for Italian clubs.

As of Nov. 5, the points scored in 2015-16 are:

Germany – 7.571
England – 7.125
Italy – 6.500

Which leaves the total points standings as:

Germany – 71.320
England – 69.159
Italy – 65.439

Manchester City have also secured 5 bonus points, worth .625 to England’s coefficient, for reaching the Champions League round of 16.

We won’t get to see a clearer picture of what could come about until the finish of the group stages in the two competitions — but, at present, Germany and England will maintain four Champions League locations and hold a wholesome benefit over Italy.

Good results for Italian clubs in the Europa League could make a big difference, as will the number of English clubs which make it by means of to the round of 16 in the Champions League and claim these five bonus points per group.

However, Italy will obtain three.893 points on England at the start of 2016-17 — and it could be all modify at the end of that season.

Teams left in Europe to score points: 

Germany – 7 (no eliminations)
England – 6 (originally 8, Southampton and West Ham eliminated)
Italy – 5 (originally 6, Sampdoria eliminated)

Teams score two points for a win, and that is divided by the total number of teams a league has in European competition. This implies each and every win (in the Champions League or the Europa League) is worth:

Germany – .29 coefficient points
England – .25 coefficient points
Italy – .33 coefficient points

Half points are awarded for drawn games, even though every single group which reaches the Champions League round of 16 gets 4 bonus points. 

Any change at the end of this season would affect league positions in 2016-17, and Champions League competition in 2017-18.

Dale Johnson has been an editor and journalist at ESPN for 16 years. You can comply with him on Twitter @dalejohnsonESPN.

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